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European Style

Euro-Style cabinets offer modern and
minimalistic yet eye-catching style.
Frameless doors provide a seamless and elegant look.


Rustic Style Kitchen

Rustic Style Kitchen is a source of warmth and comfort.
Natural wood texture gives a country look and a feel of coziness.


Traditional Style

The traditional style forms graceful details,
adding an unparalleled charm to the heart of the house.


With us, you can find the CABINETS you need

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Wall Cabinets (84)

Base Cabinets (74)

Bathroom Vanities (31)

Accessories (153)



24×30 Wall Corner Cabinet

Width 24″ | Height 30″ | Depth 12″

24×36 Wall Corner Cabinet

Width 24″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

24×42 Wall Corner Cabinet

Width 24″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

36x12x24 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 12″ | Depth 24″

36x15x24 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 15″ | Depth 24″

36x18x24 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 18″ | Depth 24″

36x21x24 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 21″ | Depth 24″

36x24x24 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 24″ | Depth 24″

About us

Our team consists of experienced professionals with over 15 years of experience. We do our best to provide our customers with the best experience when purchasing kitchen cabinets, as well as fast delivery and installation. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house, so our company has a huge variety of cabinets to meet any needs of our customers and provide maximum comfort. Your goal is our goal, so we will do our best for you to recommend us to your friends!

Making a house a real cozy place, most of the people start from their kitchen furniture as it is the kitchen that could be called a real soul of the house. That principle inspired us to create our cabinet collection that allows our customers to enjoy maximum comfort and functionality when using our products for furnishing.

Residential Cabinets for Your Interior Design Ideas

A cabinet is a must for every kitchen as there are lots of foods, small appliances and dishes that need to be stored carefully not to clog the room. In Residential Cabinets, you are welcome to choose various types of modern kitchen cabinets according to the following features:

  • The design and color scheme,
  • Size of cabinets,
  • Your taste and requirements you have,
  • Type of cabinets and accessories for them.

Our cabinet collection includes dozens of models that can meet all your requirements. Be sure, you can get an item that will be a perfect match for your kitchen design. In the Residential Cabinets catalog, you can choose both cabinets, door panels for your build-in appliances and lots of other items like moldings, wall fillers and others to make your kitchen the most comfortable and stylish place.

Besides, we offer also to evaluate our bathroom vanity collection that will help you to furnish your bathroom in the most deluxe way.

How Do We Make Our Cabinets and Furniture

The basic rule we adhere to is that quality matters! We offer only those products we can guarantee to be of the highest quality. In practice, when you turn to us, you get more than just kitchen furniture. You are welcome to get our turnkey service for your interior design that includes:

  • Preliminary consulting every customer. Our dedicated managers will help you to choose the best cabinets from our catalog.
  • Professional design service for free for our clients.
  • Creation of your custom cabinets from the highest quality materials and furniture fittings.
  • Installation of all the furniture ordered.
  • Dedicated customer service working for you.

All these are available in Residential Cabinets kitchen cabinets store for a reasonable price.

Benefits of Our Products

What makes our furniture so special? It is a great combo of exquisite design, ergonomics, finest quality materials and though-out work of our designers and technicians who go above and beyond to make happy every customer. Add to this our comfortable purchase process that is safe and easy at once.  That’s what we offer our clients along with our comfortable shipping option that is free for orders up from $3,000.

 We can claim we offer the best cabinets in the USA and we do our best to hold the palm in the market.