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Bathroom Vanities of an Exquisite Design by Residential Cabinets

Some people say it is a tub that is a center of a bathroom. We can say, it is a bathroom vanity that impacts the whole bathroom interior style. In Residential Cabinets, you can purchase the best of the best bathroom furniture to make your bathroom a really comfortable place.

Why Are Vanity Cabinets of a High Demand?

Modern bathroom vanities are a must for every house as they allow to make invisible all the things that are necessary for use in the bathroom but should be hidden from prying eyes. Besides that, there are a few more reasons to install a vanity with cabinets in your bathroom.

  • With them, you can keep your detergents and cloth out of children’s eyes. It is a safe and comfortable place for all supplies needed for cleaning routines.
  • In vanity drawers, you can keep items that could be damaged by humidity that is essential for the bathroom.
  • As usual, the vanity is combined with a mirror creating a functional zone for your morning tidying up routines. Its countertop is the best place to keep your cosmetics and brushes at arm’s length.
  • Modern bathroom vanities are also a real piece of art so they add a deluxe atmosphere to your bathroom.

Of course, all of these reasons concern custom bathroom vanities created by the Residential Cabinets company.

5 Reasons to Buy Modern Bathroom Vanities in Residential Cabinets

Our cabinet store helps to furnish both kitchen premises and bathrooms. We offer our customers a wide range of modern bathroom vanities of all popular designs and types. In our store, you are welcome to purchase:

  • Singlesink vanities with a various number of drawers.
  • Doublesink vanities for large and compact bathrooms.
  • Vanities with a various number of drawers and doors.
  • Lots of trendy designs and styles for the outer decoration of a vanity.

You can buy our vanity cabinets choosing them by dimensions, style, price and other options. Besides, you can order our professional designer’s services to get a draft project of your bathroom. And do not miss the opportunity to get our installer’s services from our dedicated technicians’ team.  And we have a very special proposition for our customers ordering products from Residential Cabinets up from $3,000. You are welcome to get free shipping of your order.

With our bathroom vanities, you’ll make the perfect design for your bathroom premise as you’ll get premium-quality products for a reasonable price. We adhere to the principle that our products will serve their owners for decades without the smallest repair so you can be sure, we guarantee the quality of vanities we offer.