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9×30 Wall Cabinet

Width 9″ | Height 30″ | Depth 12″

9×30 Wall End Shelf Cabinet

Width 9″ | Height 30″ | Depth 12″

9 x36 Wall Cabinet

Width 9″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

12×30 Wall Cabinet

Width 12″ | Height 30″ | Depth 12″

9×36 Wall End Shelf Cabinet

Width 9″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

9×42 Wall End Shelf Cabinet

Width 9″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

30x12x12 Wall Cabinet

Width 30″ | Height 12″ | Depth 12″

9×42 Wall Cabinet

Width 9″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

12 x36 Wall Cabinet

Width 12″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

Kitchen Cabinets of the Finest Quality in the US

Creating an outstanding design of your kitchen requires through calculation and accurate planning how to place all the parts of your furniture and appliance ergonomically and functionally. Choosing a kitchen cabinets in Charlotte is among the most important routines of your kitchen renovation.  As usual, a standard kitchen requires several items to place all the things like small appliances, provisions and dishes. To get a really comfortable and stylish kitchen interior, apply for Residential Cabinets’ services. We’ll make your kitchen the coziest place in the whole house.

What Types of Kitchen Cabinets We Offer

Looking for kitchen cabinets in the USA, people, first of all, choose among various types of this furnishing. Be sure, in our Residential Cabinets web store you can find all popular types of cabinets:

  • Wall cabinets of all sizes and designs. Just install them on the level of your sight to keep all items at a level convenient to you.
  • Base cabinets that are mounted on the floor level. These are making the whole lower level’s design consistent in the same vein. We offer lots of options of base cabinets of all standard sizes and outstanding designs.
  • Corner cabinet for kitchen – a perfect idea for small premises where every inch is valuable as this type of storage space could be mounted in the corner to save space for your kitchen.

You are welcome to choose a combination of all these types made in a similar design to furnish your kitchen accurately and aesthetically. We’ll help you to create a unique design of your kitchen with our pro design services that are available for free for our customers.

Our Kitchen Cabinets’ Main Benefits

Besides the wide choice of kitchen furniture represented on our website, you can evaluate the lots of benefits each of our cabinets has.

  • Only the finest quality of materials we use to craft our cabinets. We thoroughly choose panels and wall filling, furniture fittings that will serve for decades and additional accessories for cabinets like trays, door panels and moldings.
  • Diverse options of new kitchen cabinets designs from classical to hitech and minimalistic ones. You are welcome to get a fully furnished kitchen with our cabinets creating the whole picture done.
  • Full cycle of services from consulting to final installation of cabinets at your kitchen.
  • Residential Cabinets’ warranty for every item we sell.

 We offer fair prices for our furniture, so you can choose cabinets for your budget from our catalog. Appreciate our dedicated customers’ service as we are ready to solve every problem of our clients 24/7. Get the best quality for an affordable cost in the Residential Cabinets web store.

We have a family-owned and managed custom furniture manufacturing business.
Our main specialization is the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
You can always contact us for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Charlotte.