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24″ Two Drawer Base Cabinet

Width 24″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

30″ Two Drawer Base Cabinet

Width 30″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

36″ Two Drawer Base Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

12″ Three Drawer Cabinet

Width 12″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

15″ Three Drawer Cabinet

Width 15″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

18″ Three Drawer Cabinet

Width 18″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

21″ Three Drawer Cabinet

Width 21″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

24″ Three Drawer Cabinet

Width 24″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

30″ Three Drawer Cabinet

Width 30″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

36″ Three Drawer Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

24″ Sink Base Cabinet

Width 24″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24

42″Corner Sink Base Cabinet

Width 42″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

30″ Utility Cabinet

Width 30″ | Height 96″ | Depth 24″

Custom Base Cabinets by Residential Cabinets

Base cabinets are the nastiest part of your kitchen furnishing. This rule is true for all kitchen furniture except cabinets from Residential Cabinets. We offer you a wide selection of base cabinets for sale near me with fast shipping and installation services included.

How to Choose Base Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Traditionally, when planning kitchens, the space of the base cabinets is set aside for storing heavy and bulky items – everything that is difficult to get from the upper shelves. In addition, the drawers directly under the tabletop are used for the most needed, frequently used items – those that should always be at hand – so that they can be conveniently removed at any time. It is not surprising that the issues of organizing the internal space of kitchen cabinets should be approached with special attention.

We offer some tips on how to choose base cabinets for your kitchen.

  • Choosing custom base cabinets is always a better idea than buying standard options like Ikea or something of that kind. That allows you to use the space functionally and to make your kitchen unique. 
  • Kitchen base cabinets with drawers are the most comfortable option as you can place heavy items on them. Do not miss an opportunity to use pullout trays when planning your kitchen’s design.
  • Dimensions of base cabinets matter! Choose cabinets according to your height and countertop level that will be comfortable for you.
  • When buying cabinets with swing doors, be sure that doors size is suitable for your comfortable moving in terms of a kitchen triangle (between the fridge, the stove and the sink).
  • The quality of base cabinets should be the highest possible. That is, by the way, the main reason to contact Residential Cabinets to buy the best base cabinets in the market.

Main Benefits of Our Base Cabinets

In our catalog, we have lots of base wall cabinets with various dimensions and designs. You are welcome to choose specific cabinets:

  • With a variable number of drawers,
  • With a fullheight door or with a partial door and a drawer below,
  • With rollout trays,
  • For sink or cooktop installation,
  • Wall base cabinets and corner cabinets.

Do not forget to choose the color and design features of the cabinet’s panels to get the most sophisticated design for your kitchen.

All these you can choose in our catalog with fast shipping and installation provided by our pros. You can also apply for our professional designers’ services to get your draft plan of base cabinets. Just make your kitchen a comfortable and exquisite place you’ll enjoy being in every day. We are waiting for your custom base cabinets orders online or via phone.