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33″ Lazy Susan Corner Base Cabinet

Width 33″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

36″ Lazy Susan Corner Base Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

Corner Base Kitchen Cabinets in Stock at Residential Cabinets

The corner base kitchen cabinet is a popular type of kitchen furniture that is trendy today.  Along with its decorative functions, that type of cabinet allows the implementation of various functional solutions for your kitchen. Let’s get it through about the specifics of corner kitchen cabinets that are available in Residential Cabinets.

Some Reasons to Choose Corner Base Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Compared to rectilinear furniture, the corner kitchen cabinet has many advantages:

  1. Ergonomics. Making full use of the free corner of the room is the most popular design solution. The convenient design of the corner base cabinet will help to rationally equip the working triangle, consisting of a sink, a hob and a refrigerator;
  2. Versatility. Corner cabinets can be used to decorate rooms of various sizes. In a city apartment or in a country house, the corner work area looks harmonious, allowing you to create a cozy home atmosphere;
  3. Various options. The corner-type cabinet can be easily assembled and supplemented with rectilinear elements or divide the room into functional zones using a bar countertop as the  most successful zoning options;
  4. A stylish design. A well-chosen color scheme of corner kitchen cabinets allows you to create different interior styles. White or beige shades of the facade are used to make the room visually spacious, lighter.
  5. Functionality. You can install a corner kitchen sink base cabinet to arrange the sink zone of the kitchen or place useful shelves and trays in it.

Moreover, the corner base cabinet with drawers is a must for small kitchens as it unbelievably saves space.

How to Order Corner Base Cabinets in Residential Cabinets

If you are seeking the highest-quality corner base cabinet for your kitchen, our online store is at your service. You are welcome to choose among various options of a corner kitchen sink base unit or a cabinet with trays and drawers. We have a diverse choice you’ll appreciate due to multiple factors we consider when creating our kitchen furniture.

  • Diverse dimensions row as we have both compact and tall base corner units for sale.
  • Various design samples with the most diverse color scheme represented in stock.
  •  Multiple options of drawers’ positioning and doors types.

Besides this, you can get our professional designers’ consultation for free by having a full-fledged draft project of your kitchen. We are also proud of our installation service. Our experienced technicians are eager to mount all the cabinets you’ve ordered quickly and with the highest quality of all services. You are also welcome to get our customers’ support services as we provide a full warranty for all the items represented in the catalog.