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Pull Out Kitchen Units

The modern design of kitchen furniture presupposes not only rational use of space but also the use of effective technical solutions. These undoubtedly include pull-out drawers in kitchen cabinets. It is ergonomic and convenient, and taking into account modern fittings, many types of such cabinets do not even require handles to open.

Base and Corner Kitchen Cabinet with Pull Out Drawers

There are several reasons to install kitchen pull-out cabinets for your furnishing instead of swing-door options.

  • They allow you to get to the most distant places. When trying to get to items placed in distant corners, it could be hard. With a corner cabinet with a pullout system, it is a piece of cake.  
  • There are several types of pullout technologies that could be implemented in kitchen furniture. Besides standard drawers, you can choose options with telescopic or roller cabinet rails.
  • Such cabinets are easier to care for. Just pull out the drawer or tray and clean it.
  • Fewer fittings are installed on outer panels and doors so the chance to get damaged by them is lower.

Besides, there are several options of the location for pull-out cabinets in your kitchen i.e. a corner cabinet with pull-out principle or base cabinets and tall cabinets.

All Types of Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinets in Residential Cabinets

When you are planning your kitchen renovation, a correct choice of cabinets is a must. For example, in the Residential Cabinets web store, you can get a kitchen cabinet for a blind corner with a pull-out trays. We also have standard base cabinets to install along with your pull-out kitchen cabinet to create the whole composition.  Combine them with more common tall cabinets and wall cabinets for maximum comfort and it’s a real bingo! Your kitchen will be the coziest place ever.

What distinguishes our pull-out kitchen units from other sellers’ and manufacturers’ products?
– Increased durability. We use only the highest-quality materials and fittings and pay attention even to installation hardware to provide the highest durability.

  • Ergonomic design. We do our best to provide the maximum comfort and functionality implemented in our corner kitchen cabinet with a pullout.  
  • Diversity of styles and colors for doors and panels of kitchen cabinets available in stock. You’ll get a perfect match for your kitchen interior with Residential Cabinets.
  • An affordable pricing. We know that high quality is costly but we provide reasonable prices for our products, so every one of our customers can find furniture according to his budget.

All this makes purchasing corner or base pull-out cabinets in Residential Cabinets a good deal for every client. Besides, we offer free shipping for orders from $3,000 and more.