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24″ Sink Base Cabinet

Width 24″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24

27″ Sink Base Cabinet

Width 27″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

30″ Sink Base Cabinet

Width 30″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

33″ Sink Base Cabinet

Width 33″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

36″ Sink Base Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

42″ Sink Base Cabinet

Width 42″ | Height 34.5″ | Depth 24″

Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet for Your Best Kitchen Experience

When planning your kitchen’s furnishing, it’s time to pay attention to your sink and its decoration. For the maximum comfort of use, the installation of a kitchen sink base cabinet is highly recommended by interior designers.

The Specifics of Choosing Sink Base Cabinets

Sink cabinets are convenient not only for kitchen goals. Come into every bathroom and you’ll see a similar vanity sink base cabinet to save bath items and towels. The reason for the popularity of that kind of kitchen furniture is quite simple.

  • Standard kitchen sink cabinet is used to hide plumbing and pipes from sight. That is also important, because in the kitchen, it is quite simple to damage piping and plumbing so hiding it into a cabinet is reasonable.
  • Besides that, some models of kitchen sink cabinets can serve as a place for kitchen bin. Covered by cabinet’s doors, the bin doesn’t spoil the aesthetics of the kitchen, doors don’t allow bad smells to come from the bin. 
  • Selecting a kitchen sink base with drawers allows placing lots of items below the sink using it as a useful space.

What kinds of base sink cabinets to choose from? There are several criteria for it. First of all, the type of sink as installing a standard base wall cabinet is impossible when you have a corner sink. So it’s better to choose the corner sink cabinet in that case. One more criterion is the dimensions of the sink as its parameters define the depth and possible width of a cabinet you need to buy. Take a note of piping as the cabinet should hide it and if possible, have drawers beside it.

The Best Designs of Base Cabinets by Residential Cabinets

In the Residential Cabinet online store, we have lots of options for a standard kitchen sink cabinet choice along with custom sink cabinet options. You are welcome to choose:

  • The number of drawers and trays.
  • Key dimensions of a sink cabinet.
  • Decorative panels’ color and textures.
  • The number of doors for a cabinet.

Along with that choice, our cabinet store offers convenient services. You are welcome to apply for our designer’s help in planning and visualization of your kitchen design. We also provide free shipping for orders from $3,000 and more. There is also no need in applying for furniture installation services as our technicians will do all the best to install your sink cabinet.

All these are available for all customers of the Residential Cabinets website no matter what state you are living in. We are waiting for your orders online or via phone listed on the website.