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36x12x24 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 12″ | Depth 24″

36x15x24 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 15″ | Depth 24″

36x18x24 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 18″ | Depth 24″

36x21x24 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 21″ | Depth 24″

36x24x24 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 24″ | Depth 24″

36x12x12 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 12″ | Depth 12″

36x15x12 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 15″ | Depth 12″

36x18x12 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 18″ | Depth 12″

36x21x12 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 21″ | Depth 12″

36x24x12 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 21″ | Depth 12″

Refrigerator Wall Cabinet for Your Build-in Fridge

Kitchen cabinets in the USA are often used not just for the storage of small appliances and dishes. For creating an outstanding interior design, special cabinets for build-in appliances are also used. In Residential Cabinets, you can get your refrigerator wall cabinet of extra quality for an affordable price.

Why Are Our Wall Cabinets for Refrigerators the Best Solution for Kitchen Design Goals

Placing a fridge in the kitchen could be difficult. Especially if we talk about small kitchens where every inch should be used functionally. The fridge wall cabinet can be a solution if you need to hide a fridge and to make it available at arm’s length. What do you get when deciding to use the wall fridge cabinet in your kitchen’s design?

  • Your fridge will be installed in a place where it won’t be overheated. The walls of the cabinet create an additional protection layer.
  • You can hide the fridge not to spoil the whole composition of interior design behind the door of a cabinet.
  • This approach is on the top of popularity in kitchen design trends.
  • Using a cabinet for your fridge location helps avoid dust or grease impurity that is quite common when you use your kitchen actively.

Just appreciate the choice of fridge cabinets in our store, to be sure it is a perfect match for your kitchen furnishing ideas.

Diverse Choice of Fridge Wall Cabinets in Residential Cabinets

Every homeowner strives to make its kitchen interior design unique and functional. In Residential Cabinets, we truly understand that desire so we’ve collected a wide selection of fridge wall cabinets to meet all the expectations of our customers.

All you need to get your ideal fridge cabinet with wall mounting is to measure the dimensions of your refrigerator. We offer various options, depending on the cabinet’s depth.

  • 12’’depth cabinets for the most compact appliance types.
  • 15’’depth cabinets for a standard option.
  • 24’’depth cabinets for fridges with similar depth.
  • Tall refrigerator cabinet for the big appliance to install in it.

After you deal with dimensions, it’s time to think about the aesthetics. We offer a really diverse choice of colors, textures and styles for our cabinets’ design. If you need an expert to consult with, we are there for you. Apply for our pro designer’s services and get your kitchen furnishing project done.

Even more, you are welcome to apply for installation services too. Our technicians will mount your wall fridge cabinet quickly and with the highest quality of services guaranteed.  

Make your kitchen’s design unbeaten with Residential Cabinets’ products.