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9 x36 Wall Cabinet

Width 9″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

12 x36 Wall Cabinet

Width 12″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

15 x36 Wall Cabinet

Width 15″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

18 x36 Wall Cabinet

Width 18″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

21×36 Wall Cabinet

Width 21″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

24×36 Wall Cabinet

Width 24″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

27×36 Wall Cabinet

Width 27″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

30×36 Wall Cabinet

Width 30″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

33×36 Wall Cabinet

Width 33″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

36×36 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

42×36 Wall Cabinet

Width 42″ | Height 36″ | Depth 12″

Wall Cabinets 36 In in Stock

36 in wall cabinet is a golden mean for the upper level of your kitchen furniture. That type of furnishing allows getting enough free space to place all you need in your kitchen routines yet it is not high enough to bring discomfort when using its upper shelves. That is the reason why 36’’ cabinets in the Residential Cabinets’ catalog are represented in lots of convenient and stylish options.

What Benefits 36 In Wall Cabinet Has?

First of all, let’s consider what features should modern kitchen cabinets have? Some may say they should be functional. That’s true, of course. Besides, they should be convenient for all the residents of a house where cabinets are mounted so even the shortest family member can use them with comfort. Do not forget about aesthetics as the kitchen is a place where everything should be harmonious and pleasant for an eye.

Our 36’’ tall kitchen wall cabinets fully meet all these requirements. The height of 36 inches considered to be an average so it suits almost every kitchen without a doubt.  We offer a wide range of models for all purposes. As usual, people start choosing a cabinet by taking into account its dimensions. For the comfort of our customers, Residential Cabinets offers multiple options of 36 in upper cabinets:

  • 9’’ and 12’’ width 36 in wall cabinets as the most compact option with enough space inside it.
  • 15’’21’’ width 36 in wall cabinets that are an average option having spacious shelves and 1 door.
  • Options of 24’’33’’ width with two doors that will suit as a cupboard or supplies storage.
  • Models of 36’’+ width for spacious kitchens where wall dimensions allow to mount big cabinets.

Besides standard wall cabinets, you are welcome to buy our comfortable 36’’ corner cabinets to save space and get stylish storage place on the upper level of the kitchen furnishing.

Some Tips on How to Get Your Perfect 36’’ Wall Cabinet in Residential Cabinets

As we know how hard it could be to choose the best cabinet for your kitchen, we offer you our additional services that will come in handy when buying 36’’ cabinet in Residential Cabinets.

  • Get our managers’ consultation before you start choosing cabinets from our catalog. Our expert staff will help you to consider what things should be taken into account first of all.
  • Apply for our professional design services. Our designers will create you full draft project to show how to place cabinets on the upper level.
  • Do not limit yourself just by ordering cabinets as we have skilled technicians who can install your furniture properly in a matter of hours.

Make purchasing of kitchen 36’’ cabinets a piece of cake for you with convenient services provided by Residential Cabinets, the best US kitchen furniture seller.