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9×42 Wall Cabinet

Width 9″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

12×42 Wall Cabinet

Width 12″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

15×42 Wall Cabinet

Width 15″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

18×42 Wall Cabinet

Width 18″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

21×42 Wall Cabinet

Width 21″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

24×42 Wall Cabinet

Width 24″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

27×42 Wall Cabinet

Width 27″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

30×42 Wall Cabinet

Width 30″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

33×42 Wall Cabinet

Width 33″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

36×42 Wall Cabinet

Width 36″ | Height 42″ | Depth 12″

42 In Wall Cabinets for Your Perfect Kitchen

When choosing furniture for your kitchen, it is very important to get enough space for all the things you use when cooking or serving dishes. No matter to say that various provision also needs to be stored in the kitchen sometimes. For this, our 42 in wall cabinets are designed.

42 In Cabinet: 5 Reasons to Choose It

Dimensions of kitchen furniture are among the key factors that impact the choice of furnishing. When talking about average choice, it is usually 36’’ yet there are also convenient options of higher height. We offer you to appreciate 5 main reasons why to choose 42’’-high wall cabinets.

  1. As these furnishings are higher than standard ones, they are much more spacious. Taking an example, in our Residential Cabinets’ catalog there are options with 4 shelves instead of classic 3-shelved cabinets. It’s a bingo if you need to keep lots of items out of the countertop.
  2. 42 in cabinet is a nice solution for the kitchen. But it can also be a great idea for your laundry or bathroom where also a large storage place is required.
  3. With the right installation, even the height of 42’’ will be comfortable to use without a ladder.
  4. These items look stylish especially if we talk about 42’’ height and 36’’ width options with two doors. Such a cabinet could be a substitute for a cupboard in your kitchen or dining room.
  5. As for pricing, 42’’ kitchen wall cabinets are not much more expensive than 36’’ ones yet their useful space is considerable. In our web store, prices are fair and affordable for that type of cabinet.

If you still doubt whether a 42’’ cabinet is a good solution for you, just take a look at the list of benefits our 42’’ cabinets have.

Benefits of Residential Cabinets’ Furniture

In Residential Cabinets, we pay high attention to ergonomics. That means our cabinets are functional and comfortable in use. What are their merits?

  • Every item from our 42’’ wall cabinets catalog is made of fine material. Its furniture fittings are durable and work clockwise.
  • We also care about the design of our cabinets. That’s why we offer various options of the same construction to suit your kitchen interior peculiarities.
  • There are lots of options of 42’’ cabinets in the Residential Cabinets web store. Starting with compact models of only 9’’ width up to luxurious 36’’width cabinets to store all your kitchen appliances and tableware.
  • We offer also installation services so you’ll be sure that your chosen cabinet will fit perfectly its place in your kitchen.

Take a look at our catalog to buy the best furnishings for your kitchen in Residential Cabinets. Make an order from $3,000 and get our free shipping option.