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33″ Oven Cabinet 1 Drawer

Width 33″ | Height 96″ | Depth 24″

Wall Oven Cabinet for Your Stylish Kitchen

Installing an oven is a process that requires several conditions to adhere to. In modern kitchens, that problem could be solved with ease with the help of a kitchen oven cabinet. It serves perfectly for a long time creating a stylish yet functional interior composition with other cabinets of the kitchen.

Wall Oven Cabinets’ Merits

It is not a rare thing when homeowners prefer to buy an oven and stove separately as this allows lots of creative interior design ideas to be implemented. And it is quite common for nowadays’ kitchen furniture to place an oven not in a particular way, on the lower level of kitchen furnishing. With the help of a wall oven cabinet, the oven could be installed in several options.

  • At the level of arm’s length. When you are tired to lean to your oven, no need to torture yourself as you can install it at the level of the countertop.
  • On the upper level. It is also a profitable solution because you do not need to lean and in that case, installing an oven on a higher level helps to delete heated air quicker. 
  • Sometimes, you need to save space in the kitchen. To do this, you are welcome to use an oven microwave combo cabinet.  As a result, you have your hot shop zone distinguished.

In any case, you can get your oven cabinet in our Residential Cabinets online store.

Why Choosing Wall Oven Cabinets in Residential Cabinets Online Store?

Planning your kitchen furnishing is our main goal. Oven cabinets are no exception, so, we have them in a diversity of options. All the items fully suit the basic standards of oven/microwave installation and connecting to electricity.

Just enjoy our special designs and constructions of oven cabinets available in stock in Residential Cabinets.

  • Standard oven cabinets with the depth of 15’’ or 12’’.
  • Tall oven cabinets to place several appliances in a line.
  • Corner double wall cabinet to use corners as a useful space for your appliance mounting.

All of them can be used for safe and stylish oven or microwave installation in your kitchen. You can easily meet all the requirements for oven installation with them including a comfortable level of oven’s location.

If you are not sure what kind of cabinet for your build-in oven to choose, we offer you our professional designer’s services to get a draft plan of your future furnishing using oven wall cabinets from the Residential Cabinets web store. One more reason to choose our kitchen furniture is the affordable pricing we provide for our customers. We offer only high-quality cabinets for a reasonable cost so you won’t pay extra. Add to this our professional installation services, and you’ll get a turnkey solution for your kitchen interior design from Residential Cabinets.